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Aerial cargo in Transylvania

Rent Air-crane helicopters

Rent Helicopters is proud to offer the services of Air-crane helicopters. The S-64 Air-crane is the multi-role heavy-lift platform purposely built as a “flying crane”.
The Dual-Engine Aircrane has proven itself in a combination of strength, precision and versatility.
Automatic flight control system (AFCS) for stability.
Aft seat provides for unobstructed view of the load.
Model S 64 E - Maximum Hook Weight 20,000 lbs (9,072 kg)
Model S 64 F - Maximum Hook Weight 25,000 lbs (11,340 kg)

Rent Firefighting Helicopters

Firefighting Helicopters
The S-64 Aircrane Helitanker is the most versatile, powerful and cost effective aerial firefighter in the world.

A ram scoop hydrofoil allows the Helitanker to refill from fresh water and sea water sources in less than 45 seconds.
A flexible hose snorkel features a high pressure impeller and can draw water from any water source 18 inches (45 cm) or deeper as fast as 45 seconds.

Firefighting Helicopters

The 2,650 gallon (~10,000 litre) tank drops water, retardant or foam mix. Microprocessor controlled tank doors offer eight individual coverage level options.

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Rent Powerlines construction helicopters

Hire a helicopterAir-Crane has erected over 7,000 miles (~11,000 kilometres) of electrical transmission lines of every structure type including steel lattice, wooden and steel H-frames, as well as steel and wood poles. The Operations personnel will help you engineer the appropriate rigging design, calculate the breakdown of the loads and select the right staging area and layout. We typically supply all of the guide systems for standard tower types.

Precision guides and a patented load handling system allow placement of any tower section quickly and safely.
Wetlands caisson/steel pole construction is handled entirely with the S-64 Aircrane. Restoration fees are avoided and the process takes days, not weeks.
With the high production capability of the Aircrane, over 100 lifts can be completed each day.
Contact us for more details!


Rent helicopters for Skylifts construction


From pouring the concrete foundations to setting cross arms and bull wheels, the Aircrane provides up to 11,000 pounds (~4,950 kg) of lifting capacity at 11,000 feet (~3,300 m) elevation, depending on temperature and flight distance.
You can choose up to 8 different coverage levels depending on the viscosity of the mix, soil and terrain type.
Refill is accomplished in 1-2 minutes with a specially designed manifold which includes an agitator to keep the mix in suspension during flight.
Using the Helitanker, large areas of remote, inaccessible landscape can be covered within days.

Contact us for more details!

Rent helicopters for Heavy Equipment lifting

Heavy lift helicopter rentals Air-Crane has over 30 years of experience transporting heavy equipment and materials. We have hauled D-2 through D-10 Caterpillars, 235 Excavators, DJB dump trucks, track hoes and backhoes. Our Operations Staff will assist in the breakdown and reassembly of heavier equipment.
The Aircrane is ideally suited to transport heavy equipment into remote, inaccessible sites.

Large volumes of concrete, riprap, dirt or other material can be moved quickly and economically.

From small MD 500's to large DC-3's, European has moved a wide variety of airplanes and helicopters. Contact us for more details!


Rent helicopters for Oil & gas support
Helicopter support for Oil and Gas

European Air-Crane has provided lift services for the movement of multiple drill rigs and platforms in several countries.
We understand timing is critical in the oil and gas industry and we have established an enviable reputation for on-time reliability and outstanding operational availability.
Robust reliability combined with up to 25,000 pound (11,340 kg) lift capacity make the Aircrane a safe and efficient machine for movement of drill rigs and heavy pipeline equipment.
We regularly transport helicopters and crews worldwide and specialize in shipping our heavylift helicopters via barge or aircraft on short notice.
Contact us for more details!



Rooftop hvac (heating, ventilation, air conditioned) Placing Air Conditioned or Heating instalations on the roof

Air-Crane has placed over 20,000 HVAC units on buildings across the world. The S-64E can lift units weighing up to 16,000 lbs. with a 170 sq. ft. footprint. Air Crane's experienced pilots and crew are capable of moving over 100 units a day.

To assist in the placement of the loads, our patented anti-rotation cargo handling system keeps the load secure during placement.

The unique aft-facing pilot station features a full set of flight controls and gives the aft seat pilot an unobstructed view of the load being carried.

Call or email to find out how we may meet your needs.
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